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This service provides an all-round lighting upgrade, to create a more visually pleasing and usable working light, ideal for offices, hairdressers. From design to completion, we cover all aspects of this job. Most commonly replacing 600×600 grid ceiling fluorescent fittings with the more effective and more efficient LED equivalent. This service will probably pay for itself through the money saved from running costs of older fittings.

This service is in great demand due to the benefits which include, cheaper to run than their older counter part, the LED fittings are almost maintenance free and they create a much nicer environment.

We have installed these specific types of fittings for a hairdressing chain throughout Dundee.

Why use Ella Electrical? We are your trustworthy, genuine, affordable and reliable Electricians. We will never take money off of you until the job is 100% complete and you are totally satisfied with the works carried out. As with all our work, it is guaranteed for 12-month and comes fully certified. Installed by fully qualified and insured electricians. We work around your schedule at no extra cost so if you’re not going to be home until 11pm on a Saturday night that’s when we’ll be there.