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The benefits of CCTV systems

Your commercial premises likely contains a lot of valuable goods and equipment which you wish to protect. CCTV is a strong deterrent to keep your goods safe. It also provides a excellent form of evidence in the case of criminal or accidental events. For these reasons CCTV proves to be a popular option for shops, warehouses, garages to offices and even personal residences.


The installation process

Ella Electrical individually plan CCTV systems for each customer and their unique property. After assessing the property and determining the ideal locations for every camera we walk you through our assessment and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the plan. We then install the CCTV system according to the specification of the approved plan.

The camera system can be viewed from your smart phone with an automatic alarm signal which is triggered if movement is detected to give you peace of mind. With 24-hour recording capability and night vision you will be able to see, record and provide evidence for any circumstance.


Why choose Ella Electrical

We install CCTV systems in various different environments which present unique challenges. Our aim is to make sure you are 100% happy so we work with you to make sure the security system will give you peace of mind. We provide aftercare support, maintenance and repairs for all our installations. And like with all our other services, there is no charge until the job is complete.